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Through our permanent, syndicated and representative consumer panels, we have been regularly and continuously collecting information on what consumers buy and use since 1999 in Thailand.

Our extensive portfolio covers more than 130 categories on the Fast Moving Consumer Goods sector (including packaged food, dairy, beverages, personal care, and home care) on the Household panels in Thailand. We also cover baby related categories (incl baby diapers, baby milk powder, baby toiletries, baby food) within our Baby panel.

For many of these products we measure the purchasing behaviour and the subsequent usage patterns across demographic criteria and retail channels. Each of our panels has a regular set of metrics that are used to monitor the performance of your markets and your brands. These include:

  • Sales and shares (in volume and value)
  • Price
  • Penetration (proportion of people buying)
  • Weight of purchase (how much each buys)
  • Loyalty (for buyers of a product, what proportion of their sales does the product itself account for?)
  • Repeat rate (what proportion of buyers buy more than once?)
  • Frequency of purchase (how often bought)

We also have a suite of tried, tested and trusted analyses that consider a specific element of our information and insights in depth:

  • Brand switching
  • Demographic analysis
  • Trial and repeat analysis
  • Repertoire analysis
  • Heavy/Medium/Light buyers
  • New/Lost/Repeat buyers

For the last decade we have been extending and refining our services to meet the everchanging needs of our clients.

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Kanpapak Lueksuengsukoom
New Business Development Director - Kantar, Worldpanel Division Thailand