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Webinar: Thailand Brand Footprint 2021



Webinar: Thailand Brand Footprint 2021

The Most Popular Brands in Thailand in 2021

Kantar today announced Thailand’s Most Popular Brands, analyzing from 572 FMCG brands covering both offline and online channels, and representing 26 million households in Thailand! The awarded are divided into 3 categories: Most Chosen BrandsTop Growing Brands, and Top Outstanding Brands in 6 sectors; Food, Beverage, Dairy, Home Care, Personal Care, and this is the first year ever to award Beauty. And the special award, top outstanding Retailer.

This year has been a challenging year for us but it can’t stop us to celebrate success and achievements to all Brand Footprint winners. The long-awaited ranking among FMCG brands and retailers, is finally here. Almost a decade our Brand Footprint is more than a ranking, it is the only way and really represents the most popular brands and the brands’ performance measured by Consumer Reach Points or CRPs. 

Most Chosen Brands in 2020

Mama - Number 1 in Food Sector with 170 million CRPs 
Nescafe - Number 1 in Beverage sector with 135 million CRPs
Dutch Mill - Number 1 in Dairy sector with 177 million CRPs
Hygiene - Number 1 in Home Care sector with 112 million CRPs
Colgate - Number 1 in Personal Care sector with 117 million CRPs
Garnier - Number 1 in Beauty sector with 30 million CRPs
Top Growing Brands in 2020

Aroy-D - Number 1 in Food sector reaching 37 million CRPs, increasing 9 millions year on year
C-vitt - Number 1 in Beverage reaching 22 million CRPs, increasing 11 millions year on year
Dmalt - Number 1 in Dairy sector reaching 27 million CRPs, / increasing 6 millionsyear on year
Omo - Number 1 in Home Care sector reaching 68 million CRPs, increasing 4 millions 
year on year
Bennett - Number 1 in Personal Care sector reaching 37 million CRPs,  increasing 6 millions year on year
Nivea - Number 1 in Beauty reaching 15 million CRPs, increasing 1 million year on year

Top Outstanding Brands in 2020 

Morakot - Number 1 in Cooking Oil category reaching 70 million CRPs, increasing 5 million year on year. “Staying at home” has shifted the consumer behavior to become “Cooking more at home”. Our Brand Footprint findings reveal that the Cooking Oil category has the highest CRPs growth in Cooking Material.

Vitaday - Number 1 in Water Plus reaching 3 million CRPs in the Urban area. The shift of consumer behavior demonstrates the importance consumers place on relevant needs – the hydration needs of a beverage, plus clear “Immune-boosting” value-added benefits.  

Shopee - Number 1 Ecommerce with the highest growth in CRPs (from both offline and online retailers) reaching 8 million CRPs, increasing 4 millions year on year.

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