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17Q3 Taiwan FMCG Monitor



17Q3 Taiwan FMCG Monitor

The global economy still maintains its momentum, and the FMCG market of Taiwan also performed well with the growth rate of 5.4% in quarter three.

  • In food categories, fast-cooked noodles、cooking oil and seasonings still show the growing trend and have no sign of slowing down. Besides that consumers are willing to spend money on the health food products like chicken essence、bird nest, Calcium、Glucosamine which can strengthen bone health and B-complex can keep them refresh. Also ice、candy、coffee( including RTD and ground coffee) products also grow well as they raise satisfaction immediately to the consumers but cost relatively low.

  • For the non-food categories, people have high demand to make-up、shampoo and oral care. While liquid detergent performs well across all price tiers, toilet paper consumers tend to buy products either with premium quality or cheaper price.

Channels: Super market(especially PX Mart) dominates the food categories. E-commerce increases the share importance both in the food and non-food categories. Top 3 EC platforms remain Momo、Yahoo and Shopee.


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