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Kantar announces the launch of the 2020 Asia Brand Footprint. The key findings of the report include the five emerging consumer trends across Asia that influenced buyer behaviour. Based on these new consumer needs, Kantar uncovered five key levers for brand growth. Throughout the region, the brands that utilised one or more of these levers emerged as the winners from 2019 across various categories.

This annual ranking includes a special analysis of how brands have navigated during the COVID-19 pandemic and how brands are showing signs of growth during such uncertainty.


Key findings include:

The five emerging consumer trends that drove buyer behaviour across Asia include: Health and wellness, convenience, digitalization, value for money, and diversification.

There are five key levers for brand growth based on the emerging consumer trends:

  • New needs: The ultimate lever for brand growth is recognising new consumer needs and proceeding to establish a new category.
  • More moments: Brands can create more moments or shopping occasions by making their products available and relevant for consumers.
  • More categories: Brands can stretch across different categories to attract buyers whose needs are not currently met by the existing functions of the brand.
  • More targets: Brands can create new variants that they know will appeal to a wider range of individual needs in order to attract new targets.
  • More presence: Brands can increase the number of geographical locations in which a shopper can see and choose their brand.

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