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Brand Footprint Kenya: meet the most chosen FMCG brands



Brand Footprint Kenya: meet the most chosen FMCG brands

For the first time ever, Kantar Worldpanel has created a ranking of the Most Chosen FMCG Brands in Africa & Middle East (AME). Brand Footprint examined 3,800 brands in eight markets in the Africa & Middle East region to discover the secrets of brand resilience.

 It’s a very competitive market with only just over half of brands growing volume year on year.


Consumers adapt as prices rise

Prices are rising - consumers are spending 20% more on FMCG compared to the year before. People are feeling the pinch and are adapting by changing the way they shop in response.

No one size fits all approach

Consumers are prioritising essentials and products that offer value for money, but the situation varies across geographic region, age and economic groups. For instance, the bulk buyers and heavy spenders are the ones cutting back more on shopping trips while maximizing every store visit.

Watch our webinar on demand where you will discover which are the Most Chosen FMCG Brands in the country, more insights to help you build a deeper understanding of consumers in Kenya, and what we can learn from the most successful brands. Get in touch with our experts for further information.

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Country Manager, Kenya


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