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Kantar Worldpanel has been awarded, for the 5th consecutive year, one of the 'Best Workplaces™ in Greater China 2019' by Great Place to Work®

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Through continuous monitoring, advanced analytics and tailored solutions, Kantar Worldpanel inspires successful decisions by brand owners, retailers, market analysts and government organisations globally

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Who Cares, Who Does? Consumer response to plastic waste

Our latest publication is based on the results of our global survey covering 24 countries across Europe, Latam and Asia. Plastic waste is a top concern for 33% of global respondents, with 48% believing manufacturers should take the most responsibility to fix the problem.

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New Grocery Market Share dataviz

Our new data visualisation tool allows to view and analyse Grocery Market Share data online. The latest sales share figures for all the majors grocers can be viewed and compared with historical figures.

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Android OS share in China gets boost from New Year’s sales

Check out historic data in the new ComTech smartphone OS share interactive dataviz

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Latest News

  • Fresh Food Market boosted by Covid-19 in China

    Fresh Food Market boosted by Covid-19 in China

    Outbreak acts as the catalyst for digital purchase behavior.

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  • How can inflation affect consumers?

    How can inflation affect consumers?

    Inflation in China has remained relatively stable over the last 6 years.

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  • FMCG down by 3.8% in the last 12 weeks

    FMCG down by 3.8% in the last 12 weeks

    During the epidemic period, consumers turned to online delivery as they stayed indoors.

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  • Will Covid-19 enlarge consumption in Ice cream?

    Will Covid-19 enlarge consumption in Ice cream?

    IH Ice cream enjoyed 18% growth in the first two weeks of the outbreak,outshining FMCG Food.

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  • Treat and Snack amid Covid-19

    Treat and Snack amid Covid-19

    Targeting new in-home occasions will be key to growth for snacking brands during this special period

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  • Will the Disinfectants boom last after the epidemic?

    Will the Disinfectants boom last after the epidemic?

    Vogue or Trend?Will the Disinfectants Boom in Household Cleaning Categories last after the epidemic?

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In the media

  • 05/03/2020 - CGTN

    Shoppers return as China's retailers adapt to outbreak

    "In 2019, retail sales growth in China was already at a five-year low amid the pressure of macro economies and China-U.S. trade disputes. COVID-19 brought more pressure to retail sales development in the first quarter," Kantar General Manager Jason Yu told CGTN.

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  • 05/02/2020 - ICS


    Epidemic Impact on Consumer purchase behaviour

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  • 03/02/2020 - China Daily

    Retailers see rebound once infections decline

    Jason Yu, general manager of Kantar Worldpanel China, said the impact on the retail sector during the Spring Festival holiday and first quarter period will be mostly visible in the catering, tourism and department store sectors.

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  • 02/12/2019 - China Daily

    Brands prepare to woo Chinese sports-loving consumers

    Charles Chen, associate account director of consultancy Kantar Worldpanel China, said besides brand reputation, companies also expect to build a healthy and dynamic brand image, in line with people's increasing preference for a healthier lifestyle in China.

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  • 07/11/2019 - Forbes

    China's Richest 2019: King Of Beverages Zong Qinghou Aims To Revitalize Wahaha

    Jason Yu, a Shanghai-based general manager at research firm Kantar Worldpanel says, “It is very hard to get consumer attention today, and if you want to do that, you have to engage and interact with them nonstop.”

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  • 30/10/2019 - China Daily

    Amorepacific in hybrid approach to China market

    To better engage with an army of new and existing consumers, deployment of both high-end and mass market products will be the dual focal points for South Korean cosmetics company Amorepacific in China.

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  • 23/10/2019 - China Daily

    Retail giant Metro AG forges partnership with Wumei

    Jason Yu, general manager of Kantar Worldpanel, said the price indicates the investors' optimistic views on Metro's profiting capacities, if compared with the Carrefour's deal to Suning.com.

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