Kantar Worldpanel -

Solutions to drive growth

We use our consumer panel information to find brands’ growth levers through our complete suite of solutions. These are organised into seven capabilities:

Market dynamics. Understand consumer and shopper behaviour in your market.

Media. Boost the return of your media investment.

Segmentation. Target your most valuable market segments.

Pricing & Promotions. Define the right level for pricing and promotions.

Innovation. Launch successful products.

Consumer & Shopper Attitudes. Uncover the why behind the what.

Shopper & Retail. Optimise the consumer path to purchase.

We adapt to your needs

Off-the-shelf or tailor made, we provide you with the best solutions for your brand.

Measure through Core Tracking data: real consumer behaviour monitored on a continuous basis

Explain through Consumer Behaviour: a complete suite of off-the-rack consumer behaviour analysis to provide you with meaningful insights.

Advise through Business Solutions: a fully bespoke solutions portfolio to support your most strategic decisions.

To learn more about how we can help you find opportunities for growth, please contact our expert in your market.

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