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Primary products finally break through



Primary products finally break through

The long awaited summer heatwave finally hit in July, but did little to drive additional sales of Burgers & Sausages in the latest Meat, Fish and Poultry (MFP) figures from Kantar Worldpanel for the 12 weeks ending 17th July 2016. The traditional BBQ staples of Burgers and Sausages have seen depressed volumes despite the upturn in the weather, with the latest four weeks seeing a faster decline for Burgers. So if people have responded to the hotter weather with BBQs, they are likely to be moving into Primary products or using Sous Vide BBQ products.

Fresh Primary Meat & Poultry experienced strong volume growth over the same period. Nathan Ward, Business Unit Director for MFP explains “Beef has seen a return to value and volume growth with 400,000 more shoppers buying Beef than the equivalent period last year.” Mince is driving volume for Beef, with 15% more volume on promotion over the last 12 weeks helping to add 475,000 more shoppers. Steak is helping to keep value sales strong and isn’t a niche market – growing across a wider shopper base, not just those with the most disposable income.

Ward continues “Chicken continues with it’s impressive volume growth, but is now seeing limited value growth as falling prices offset the strong volume growth.” Chicken Breasts and Legs are experiencing significant growth driven by lower prices. Chicken Breasts are seeing falling base prices, whilst Legs have seen promotional volume increase 20% on last year, stimulating over half a million more shoppers to buy Legs.

Chilled Fish has seen long term price inflation as value grows ahead of volume, with 730,000 more shoppers buying fish compared to last year. Only Smoked Fish has seen a volume decline, with shoppers buying less, less often. As we’ve seen before, shoppers are becoming more adventurous in Chilled Fish with Sea Bass, Tuna and Prawns seeing strong growth, with Salmon seeing the strongest decline out of the key species.

The next data release with be in 4 weeks time and with the weather on the turn, will we see another change in the trends?

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