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Real pressure on value in the market



Real pressure on value in the market

The sunshine has continued into August, but we’ve not seen the weather stimulate value growth in any of the markets outside of Fish. The latest Meat, Fish and Poultry (MFP) figures from Kantar Worldpanel for the 12 weeks ending 14th August 2016 reveal real pressure on value in the market.

Chilled Fish is flourishing with both value and volume in growth. Nathan Ward, Business Unit Director for MFP explains “Chilled Fish is benefitting from 475,000 more shoppers buying the market this year, with growth coming from both ends of the age spectrum, with pre-family and retired shoppers driving category growth”.

Ward continues “Over half a million more shoppers have bought into Shellfish this year, even though it is the most premium sector in Chilled Fish. Prawns, Scampi and Surimi are the most important contributors to growth over the period”. The performance of Breaded bucks the trend for more adventurous species, with volume growth coming as more shoppers buy the traditional species such as Cod and Haddock. Older and more traditional shoppers are the largest part of that growth, but these timeless favourites are also connecting with younger pre-family shoppers.

Fresh Primary Meat & Poultry experienced strong volume growth over the same period. Beef has seen value growth slow as Roasting Joints decline. Despite 450,000 more shopper buying Beef this year, falling prices across the cuts have suppressed value, but promotional investment has helped to stimulate volume growth. Mince has been resilient, helping to drive volume growth through price cuts which have doubled in volume terms year on year.

Poultry continues to see volume growth, but limited value growth coming through in Chicken and Turkey, as promotional levels increase. These promotions have changed mechanic, moving away from Y for £X deals towards price cuts. These offers give a clear price proposition, but are likely to subsidise shoppers already buying into the market regularly.

Chicken Breasts remain a key cut in Poultry, with the Economy and Standard tiers contributing to the performance, driving prices down and suppressing growth despite 840,000 additional shoppers. Legs are key to both Chicken and Turkey growth, as more shoppers buy into these cuts, similarly stimulated by price cuts.

The next data release with be in 4 weeks time, will we continue to see value leave Primary Meat & Poultry or will shoppers start paying more as we head towards autumn?

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