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The most chosen brands in Scotland



The most chosen brands in Scotland

The shock Brexit vote in 2016 and the threat of an Indy Ref 2 has meant uncertainty for the food and drink supply chain in Scotland.

Furthermore, rising ingredient costs, price inflation and currency fluctuations are all contributing towards a more challenging competitive environment both at home and internationally. For shoppers this too has meant that their food and drink bills have started to rise.

Our first ever ranking of the Top 20 Food and Drink brands in Scotland reflects on what these changes mean for brands, which had dominated in Scotland until this year when sales of own label products exceeded branded sales for the first time.

The presence of retailer brands in our basket has become more common, with all of the retailers using their own label ranges to create that point of difference and give shoppers choice and a reason to shop in their stores. With own label playing a greater role in shopper’s repertoires, the market has been challenging for brands with only 12 of the top 20 brands in Scotland seeing growth. 

Changing consumer tastes, health, a desire for easy to cook and convenient meals look set to continue to drive innovation.

Brands need to be ready to seize these opportunities.

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