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Combining TV and shopper data to inform effective media campaigns

Combining TV and shopper data to inform effective media campaigns

Advertisers have often called for research to serve as an enabler to judge how effective their advertising spend on media is at generating sales and brand loyalty. It’s a problem Kantar is in a unique position to solve because it measures TV audiences in 52 countries and runs shopper panels in 60 markets worldwide. This is important because we can fuse the data from these two sources to deliver unrivalled insights into the consumer – what they are buying and why

Working in conjunction with our clients and colleagues in Kantar Media and Kantar Worldpanel we’re successfully delivering these insights in several markets already, including Brazil, Spain and Malaysia. In these countries we determine actual sales increases and assess a campaign’s return on investment (ROI). We monitor the effects on shopper behaviour and can see if the campaign attracted new customers or increased loyalty. In addition, we can recognise potential conversion opportunities and deliver a holistic view of the campaign’s overall effectiveness.


The Question: Schweppes wanted to undertake a media campaign to target TV viewers who purchased tonic water but didn’t buy their brand in Spain.

How? We’re proud to deliver a TV audience measurement panel of 4,625 homes and a purchase behaviour panel of 12,000 people in Spain. So we looked at answering 3 main questions:

  • How powerful is TV in attracting the audience for Schweppes tonic water?
  • How powerful is TV in attracting the target audience* for Schweppes tonic water?
  • How effective is TV in the path to purchase decision?

What? Our research showed that TV was able to reach 93.5% of the audience for Schweppes but significantly reached 94.2% of the appropriate audience. Targeting on consumer profiles generated more value for Schweppes than simply targeting by socio demographic methods.


The Question? Sunsilk shampoo wanted to discover what were the best channels, dayparts or programmes for reaching buyers who had bought their products within the last 2 years, but had moved on to purchase a different brand.How? The D-TAM service in Malaysia extracts subscriber activity from 3,500 Astro Pay-TV homes; whilst our shopper behavior panel captures the purchase habits of 8,000 individuals.

 What? Our audience measurement data enabled us to understand which channels and programmes were most watched by women between the ages of 20 to 49. Combining this viewing data with purchase behavior data, we established the programmes with the largest audience of Sunsilk shampoo buyers. Invaluable detail for campaign managers.


The question? Nivea wanted to understand how it could optimize its media mix to generate more sales in its deodorant product range. They appointed Kantar to deliver a study focusing on the ROI of a particular campaign across different media in Brazil, including free to air (open TV), Pay TV, online media and radio. What impact does each media have in isolation to deliver sales?

What? We found that the campaign had a total reach of 93% and that media generally accounted for 7.4% of sales during the campaign. In addition we found that a TV and digital online campaign working together drove a greater uplift in sales than a TV campaign on its own.

These are just three examples from Europe, Latin America and Asia Pacific which have enabled our clients to unlock new insights and measure the effectiveness of their campaigns. Going further, in response to client feedback we’re building a single-source panel in Brazil to measure just this. Initially covering circa 3,000 individuals across Rio De Janeiro and Sao Paolo this single-source panel will measure viewing and purchase behaviour. It will enable advertisers, agencies and media owners to analyse the ROI of media campaigns on the purchase of goods, through a common sample.It’s yet another example of how we’re bringing together the best of Kantar for the benefit of our clients.

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