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India: Consumer reactions to COVID-19



India: Consumer reactions to COVID-19

As the COVID-19 pandemic reached India in mid-March 2020, we have been monitoring the early data trends to help brands and retailers understand the changing needs of consumers. A telephone survey of 2,200 households across the country allowed us to understand behavioural changes around hygiene. This was then linked with our panel database to look at the specific trends arising out of the COVID-19 situation.

This analysis looks at the pre-lockdown phase from 19 -25 March, when our experts identified seven key macro findings from the data with regards to people’s levels of concerns. These impacts are felt to different degrees according to category and in our analysis we consider how this breaks down.

As over 60% of people have made four or more behavioural changes in this time, this is vital information for brands as at least some of these are likely to continue into the longer term. To find out more, download the free paper.

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Ramakrishnan Kasthuri
Managing Director, Worldpanel Division, South Asia

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