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Opening up Online - new UK paper out now



Opening up Online - new UK paper out now

In a fast-moving world where today’s new release is tomorrow’s forgotten relic, it’s easy to fall foul of myths around the significance and potential of the online platform.

The preconception is often that in terms of grocery, the ceiling has been reached. But while 20% of all retail spending in the UK is now done online, it is less than 10% for grocery, underlining the potential of the channel.
Our new paper “Opening up Online” uncovers how moving just a fraction of bricks and mortar shopping trips online will generate bigger shops, more spend, and better profits.

Packed with expert viewpoints and fresh insights, pick up your copy today and discover:

  • What lessons we can learn from Asia – world leader in online FMCG.
  • Who buys online and why, and why brands and retailers need to move away from treating online shoppers as a distinct group. 
  • How to deliver against shoppers’ expectations of a speedy and convenient online service.

Dipping a toe in to this dynamic and fast-moving channel will not reap rewards nor fend off your competition. In the exciting future of e-commerce, one thing is for certain: if you don’t do it online, someone else will.

Get your copy of the paper today, and get in touch for an expert assessment of the opportunities e-commerce holds for your brand.

Book your place on our webinar with our expert, Nadya Ardianti, who will share the main findings of the report on Thursday 12 December, at 10:30am.

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