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Shopper behaviour is changing as India’s lockdown lifts



Shopper behaviour is changing as India’s lockdown lifts

While the early stages of the pandemic have had a lasting impact on FMCG trends, new buyer behaviours and segments are emerging.

Although gradually emerging from constraints, shoppers across India are still living their lives under restrictions, which continues to impact their FMCG purchase behaviour. Lockdown rules currently vary from one part of the country to another, so the picture is not a consistent one; however, there’s plenty we can learn from the data.

We’ve combined some key insights into our new report, featuring ten slides about the impact of COVID-19 in India, which is now available to download. We look at:

  • The shift in cases from urban to rural areas
  • India’s healthy 7% growth in FMCG volumes – in all categories bar Beverages
  • The rise in consumption occasions as lockdown lifts
  • How frequency is changing – with high-frequency households shopping less
  • Why 43% of brands are losing volume
  • The huge growth of ecommerce: half of all households now buy online

These are the trends that will shape FMCG strategies in India in the coming months. By understanding the new buyer segments emerging, and how purchase behaviour is evolving, brands can prepare themselves for the intensely competitive period that undoubtedly lies ahead.

Download the ten slides through the botton on the right, and get in touch with your queries.

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