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TNS Worldpanel rebrands as Kantar Worldpanel



TNS Worldpanel, the worldwide leader in continuous consumer panel research, today announced that it has changed its name and identity to Kantar Worldpanel across its global network.

Kantar Worldpanel specialises in providing actionable insights into consumer purchasing and usage habits on a local and global scale in fields as diverse as FMCG, entertainment, communications, petrol, fashion, beauty, baby and food-on-the-go.

In addition to the name change, Kantar Worldpanel is introducing a fresh and dynamic new logo. Central to the new brand is a visual device, which acts as a framing mechanism to zoom in on what is really important. It represents a visual symbol for the company’s breadth and depth of analysis, the clarity and focus of its insights and the ability to use data to see beyond the obvious.

A new strap line – high definition inspiration – summarises Kantar Worldpanel’s capabilities to turn complex data sets into exciting insights that inspire clients to take their business to new levels.

The rebrand will not result in any changes to the client service teams, panel sizes, methodologies or data delivered previously by TNS Worldpanel.

Josep Montserrat, Kantar Worldpanel’s Chief Executive commented: “Our new name and branding marks quite a substantial change to our business, to how we see ourselves and to how we want to be perceived in the market. It is a great opportunity not just to re-enforce our strengths in providing actionable insights but also to demonstrate to our clients how they can benefit from high definition inspiration.”

“Today, Kantar Worldpanel is the only company 100% dedicated to inspiring our clients through consumer panel research. This specialisation enables us to develop our unique portfolio of solutions and best-in-class service across our worldwide network - to provide more value to our clients”.

He added: “This change also means we can enjoy even more benefits of being part of such a large group of companies. We want to build on this and are looking further into ways of working in partnership with the other Kantar businesses.”

Worldpanel was a part of TNS, the global custom and syndicated market research business, which was acquired in 2008 by WPP. Following this and a major restructure of the Kantar group of companies, it was announced in spring of 2009 that TNS Worldpanel would be integrated into Kantar - the information, insights and consultancy side of WPP’s operations.

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