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8 out of 10 Taiwanese men cared about how they look

8 out of 10 Taiwanese men cared about how they look

Taiwanese men claimed “I take care of my appearance because I want to feel better about myself.” World leading consumer panel expert Kantar Worldpanel Taiwan discovered in their Men Revolution Asia study*, that 8 out of 10 Taiwanese men cared about how they look, and it is not just about impressing the ladies. The No.1 reason they cited was ‘just to feel better’, followed by ‘it is an indicator of social status’.

Focus on the key concerns and fight the problem with right products

Taiwanese male personal care market emerged around a decade ago, and the competition really kicked off in the recent two years, with product innovations growing, and various for men brands making their way into the department store and over-the-counter channels. Data from Kantar Worldpanel Taiwan also shown that despite decline in Taiwanese men’s spending on overall personal care category for the past 2 years**, their investment in for men products remained stable; However, amongst an average of 7 personal care products men use, only 3 are for men products, demonstrating the opportunity that men’s market still presents.

Kantar Worldpanel pointed out that blackheads (34%), teeth colour (33%) and oily skin (31%) are the top three concerns listed by the Taiwanese men. Other top concerns include overweight (30%) and sweat-in-excess (25%). Hence products that help solve these problems, such as facial cleansing or skincare product that can efficiently fight blackheads or reduce oil complexion will be definite winners for Taiwanese male consumers; Kantar Worldpanel’s data also revealed that Taiwanese men has a much higher usage rate than Asian average, for products including facial cleansing, pore caring and UV protection, therefore for any companies which want to tap into the "for men" personal care categories in Taiwan these are the products one will want to consider. For their oral care concerns, fresh breath and teeth whitening will be the key benefits to focus on, helping Taiwanese men improve their teeth concerns and boost their inner confidence.

Taiwanese men are also concerned about hair, with 50% stating oily hair as the key concern. When break down to age group, young men (15-25) worry about dandruff, while mature men (36-45) has problem with hair fall. However looking at the current shampoo market, only 26% men will use a for men shampoo to take care of their hair trouble, showing that there’s still much room to grow for the for men market. Furthermore, if company can launch a for men oily hair control product, and educate the consumers on correctly select product to target specific issues, this will certainly open doors for future growth opportunities.

Internet is a must for Taiwanese men!

What is the most efficient way to communicate with Taiwanese men? Internet is definitely something to be included in the communication plan. According to Kantar Worldpanel, in today’s digital environment, almost all Taiwanese men age 15-45 will surf the net on a daily basis. While 94% will watch TV, they are mostly light viewers, and for young men age 15-25, preference for online communication definitely surpass TV. Other than building an effective online communication plan, Kantar Worldpanel also recommends to link product image with success, elite social status or professional image, with are factors that Taiwanese men care about the most. For sales channels, focus on highlighting the product messages and clear explanation of the benefits, as 84% Taiwanese men will carefully read the information provided on the shelves. And don’t forget to appeal to the lady friends or mothers, who are still men’s best consultant when shopping for personal care products. Take skincare market for example, 20% men will take advice or use products provided by ladies around them. Therefore do not forget to talk to the ladies, let her pick out the best product for ‘him’!

Taiwanese men’s grooming market is becoming more mature, where both inside and out, they also wish to achieve a more attractive, charming style. Not only are they taking better care of their outer appearance, 61% Taiwanese men exercise regularly; 61% takes health supplement; and 40% has dieted in the past 6 months, demonstrating their desire for beauty is no less than women. Hence studying men’s grooming attitude and identify their needs is vital for companies who wish to participate in this market or further grow it.

*Interviewed 750 Taiwanese men between the age 15-45 in 2013
**Data source: Kantar Worldpanel Taiwan, male consumer panel, tracking period covers 52 weeks ending 2013 Q3, and compared to the same period from previous year.

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