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A Brand that Inspires Success

We aim to become the best company to work for, a unique place to develop our talents and fulfill our potential.


  • Precision: Pinpoint accuracy and clarity | Brilliant simplicity | Meticulous care and commitment to unmatched quality
  • Curiosity: Insatiable hunger for knowledge | Looking beyond the obvious | Always seeking to improve
  • Courage: Daring to express a point-of-view | Confidence to challenge positively | Unafraid to be yourself
  • Imagination: Looking at things differently | Pushing creative boundaries | New perspectives, ideas and ways
  • Together: Power of being ONE seamless team | Skills and knowledge shared for mutual benefit | Supportive, respectful relationship


“Helping our best talents fulfill their potential” is our priority. We are continuously assessing what makes our own people tick, what keeps them fresh, passionate and engaged within our organization. We do not regard development and career progression as a purely linear tick box process, but as more of a career enhancement choice, which must be based around ever changing individual and business requirements. We invest in you when you join our team, and we aim to protect that investment by ensuring you get the training and qualifications you need to keep you at the forefront of your chosen field, inspiring you to deliver and empowering our clients to succeed.

As well as formal training opportunities, we encourage learning through collaboration, support and guidance from mentoring and active involvement in community and corporate social responsibility programmes, all of which help you to develop and enrich you as an individual and as a team player. We embrace diversity in every form, as diversity is what underpins our collective insights and makes our client solutions so much more incisive. We also motivate and inspire our employees by offering unique and exciting development opportunities in different geographies and cultures across the world.


In Kantar, not only do we want to attract the best talent, but we also wish to make sure they feel valued and receive fair compensation for their contributions. For you, it ensures a career development plan, where you will be able to progress in your chosen role and be fairly compensated as you do so. We look for and encourage management and leadership potential, as our succession planning relies heavily on identifying and developing those individuals who can take the company to the next level.


In Kantar we are really keen for our employees to feel inspired, motivated and engaged at work. That's why we make special efforts to get them involved, to encourage teamwork and collaboration, and to have some fun. Let’s hear what our team says about Kantar:

"If you are looking for global experience to grow professionally and personally, Kantar is the best place to stay. I always call it my second home where both my clients and colleagues are my family. It's a never ending learning process in Kantar which will create the best of you." 
- Feny Soraya | Account Manager

"Kantar is the best place to learn and thrive as a consultant. Surrounded by great people, I am able to grow to be the best version of myself. One of my best career moments, has happened at Kantar." 
- Ilham Maulana | Senior Account Executive

"For me, Kantar is more like a home rather than an office. I really enjoy working here as the people are very warm and supportive. I am also able to create real impact to the company, as Kantar values every idea to make it a better place to work. Kantar surely helps me to grow both professionally and personally.." 
- Rahmatia Rosidin | Senior Account Executive

"Kantar Indonesia is a place where you can be an agent of change, an innovator, a status quo challenger. It offers opportunity to grow beyond what you think of your capacity; it offers opportunity to do what I do best but also it offers me opportunity to be best friend with my colleague."
- Nadya Ardianti | Commercial Director

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