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10 Slides to Make You Think COVID-19 - Asia Edition



10 Slides to Make You Think COVID-19 - Asia Edition

Proudly sharing “Ten Slides to Make You Think COVID-19” Asia Edition #2

Several highlights:

  • Korea: How did shoppers/consumers behave during the Swine Flu, MERs outbreak and how different is it compared to COVID-19?
  • Taiwan: Being an ‘exemplary’ country on tackling COVID-19; how did FMCG fair?
  • Philippines: With a distinct ‘Rich and Poor’ divide in the market, how are these SECs coping?
  • Role of promotion for categories on the path to recovery in China. Be reminded on assessing the right depth, frequency, lever!
  • E-commerce versus Brick and Mortar channel in lockdown – who is winning on the longer run in Indonesia?
  • Our Beauty panel in China – with personal care being one of the more severely impacted categories – how is it recovering post lock down?
  • Plus our other favorite key slides and updates on Out-of-Home purchasing, etc.

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