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Now in its fourth year, Kantar Worldpanel´s 2016 Brand Footprint is back, the most comprehensive global study of FMCG brands

Brand growth depends on the ability to win at the moment of truth. All of the effort that a brand has invested culminates in that moment; the moment that consumers decide which brand to choose.
Brand Footprint is all about that moment. Kantar Worldpanel’s global ranking of the most chosen consumer brands has become a reference for C-suite executives and marketers to gain an in-depth view as to how brands grow. The report identifies growth brands using our bespoke metric Consumer Reach Points (CRPs), which has penetration - the number of buyers of your brand - at its heart.

Analyzing one billion households across 44 countries in five continents and 300 billion shopper decisions, the study used its proprietary metric – Consumer Reach Points (CRPs) – to discover how many times a brand was chosen by consumers over the course of one year.

In Indonesia, more than 400 brands analyzed in Urban area for Brand Footprint 2016, 55% of growing brands gained penetration, 91% of declining brands lost penetration. Yet every brand has the potential to attract new shoppers.

Please visit the microsite to find comprehensive information on the most chosen brands at global and local level, and download the report to discover the strategies some brands developed to grow faster. They demonstrate to other global and local brands how to accelerate growth in this extremely competitive environment.

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Corina Fajriyani
New Business Development Director

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