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Brand Footprint 2017 Launch



Brand Footprint 2017 Launch

Among all fast moving consumer goods (FMCG) brands, Coca Cola becomes the most chosen brand by consumers all over the world. At least 42% of the global households bought Coca Cola during their shopping trips 13 times in the last one year. Coca Cola manages to reach the top spot of most chosen brands list in 9 countries, including the USA, Brazil, Mexico and Turkey. These are one of the findings of Brand Footprint 2017 global ranking, launched by Kantar Worldpanel.

Brand Footprint is an annual study released by Kantar Worldpanel that measures consumer's choice through a metric called CRP (Consumer Reach Point), observing amount of households purchase of a brand (market penetration) and coincidence of the brands being purchased (frequency). The study represents the power of brands, encompassing 15,300 brands in 200 categories and 1 billion households from 43 countries globally. Brand Footprint covers FMCG sectors, e.g. food, beverages, home care, health and beauty products.

Exclusive Indonesia Urban ranking has also been released by Brand Footprint, which covers 5700 household samples and representing 28 million, or 85% of total households within Indonesia Urban area. Several highlights of Brand Footprint 2017 result of Indonesia Urban as follow:

  • Indomie places at the number 1 position of Brand Footprint 2017, making Indomie the most chosen brand by Indonesian consumer. Almost all nation’s society purchased the brand, 3 to 4 times in a month on average within 2016. Indomie remains at the top position in the Brand Footprint survei since last year. Moreover, Indomie also makes it to the top 10 global rank of Brand Footprint, placing at number 8. The brand also leads the Brand Footprint ranking in Nigeria, reaching number 1, the position which has been maintained since the previous year. Extensive international distribution serves as one of the biggest factors which supports Indomie’s performance. In addition to Indonesia and Nigeria, Indomie has managed to succesfully recruiting buyers from Ghana, Malaysia, Timur Tengah, Turkey and USA as well.
  • Beside of Indomie, Mie Sedaap is another instant noodle brand which reaches the Top 3 in Brand Footprint ranking, securing the third position. Instant noodle has become a significant part of the daily life of Indonesian community. Aside from the familiar taste, affordable price and vast nationwide distribution also contribute in driving instant noodle an all-Indonesian favorite.
  • Royco manages to shift one position to the second spot of Brand Footprint 2017. The ever rising mobility of Indonesian urban community has forced them to pick products which support practicality, especially in household activities as in cooking. One of the key factors of Royco’s compelling achievement lies on the brand’s hearty innitiatives of product innovation, in order to assist people in this condition. Alongside Royco, Masako is another food additive brand reaching the Top 10 of Brand Footprint 2017 on number 8.
  • Frisian Flag secures the 4th position in Brand Footprint 2017. The brand’s portfolio covers variants targetting diverse age groups and is offered in various formats, making Frisian Flag the most chosen dairy brand in Indonesia.
  • • Number of household’s purchase or penetration rate plays a pivotal role in driving brand’s competencies. The 5 highest ranking brands on Brand Footprint; Indomie, Royco, Mie Sedaap, Frisian Flag and So Klin, respectively, are the proof to justify the theory, for all of the brands have reached 90% penetration in Indonesia. Product innovation and extensive brand activities successfully drive the brands to retain buyers base, amidst increasing average price of FMCG products and declining purchase frequency in Indonesia throughout 2016.
  • Coffee consumption among Indonesian Urban community continues to rise. The pheonomenon is captured on the Brand Footprint 2017 based on the achievement of Kapal Api which showcases the highest CRP growth among Top 10 brands. Kapal Api reaches the 6th position of Brand Footprint 2017 with CRP increment of 16,6%.

Among the Top 10 brands of Brand Footprint 2017, 5 of which are local Indonesian brands while the other half are brands of multi-national manufaturers. Food category dominates the top 10 ranking, whilst personal care and household products manage to secure several positions as well. Local brands, most notably within the food sector, succeed to become the top choice of Indonesian urban society, which not only proves local brands’ ability to compete amidst global brands’ expansion to the Indonesian market, it also shows how Indonesian’s society are embracing the local brands.

Venu Madhav, General Manager Kantar Worldpanel Indonesia, acclaimed that High Consumer Reach Points brands are a reflection of the popularity of the brand and how close it is to the heart of the Indonesian shopper. Venu also adds that it is important to get more and more people to buy it, for any brand to improve its ranking since penetration is the ultimate key to drive growth.

Fanny Murhayati, New Business Development Director of Kantar Worldpanel Indonesia, stated that Brand Footprint will benefit players of the FMCG industry to analyze strength and weakness of the brands, as well as to study performance of the brands compared to competitors. The study will support FMCG players in determining the right marketing strategy to uplift their brand’s performance. Fanny also asserted that beside to increase the number of brand’s consumers, driving consumer to purchase more frequently is another important factor to boost sales performance

Brand Footprint 2017’s Top 10 list, as follow:

  1. Indomie 
  2. Royco 
  3. Mie Sedaap 
  4. Frisian Flag 
  5. So Klin 
  6. Kapal Api 
  7. Indofood 
  8. Masako 
  9. Lifebuoy 
  10. Rinso 

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