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FMCG Monitor FY 2018



FMCG Monitor FY 2018

Kantar Worldpanel is continuously in contact with your consumers on a weekly basis and across the country. Through our FMCG Monitor we provide an integrated overview of the Indonesian FMCG market and its evolution across sectors and highlights of the latest trends.

Some highlights in this issue :

  • Consumers are rationalizing their FMCG consumption. As the frequency decline is recovering, shoppers limit their basket size expansion.
  • Expanding basket size is seen across categories. Heavy promotions in Home and Personal care categories attraccted more shoppers in buying more unit per their shopping trip.
  • Opportunity arise in modern trade as FMCG frequency recovery commenced in this channel. This behavior is led by Upper class while Mid to Low classe remain to show tendency for traditional channels.
  • More than half of the FMCG categories are still growing positively and 22% of them are still able to attract more buyers. Eye cosmetics and yoghurt drink categories attracts all economic classes.

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