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FMCG Monitor Q1 2020: COVID-19 Special



FMCG Monitor Q1 2020: COVID-19 Special

Kantar is continuously in contact with your consumers on a weekly basis and across the country. Through FMCG Monitor, we provide an integrated overview of the Indonesian FMCG market and its evolution across sectors and highlights of the latest trends.

With the first cases of COVID-19 in Indonesia confirmed in March 2nd, just nearing the end of Q1 2020, how are consumers navigating through this unprecedented times?

Some highlights in this issue:

  • As we face uncertainties due to the pandemic, consumers are starting to worry about the economic outlook and losing their confidence, with different concerns depending on their demography.
  • FMCG remains important for households, while they are cutting spending for entertainment purposes.
  • More affluent consumers are spending more and buying more items in each shopping trip, while consumers from lower class are rather unaffected.
  • Accessibility is key to shopping during social distancing. Online channel is getting more traction, though most purchases are still done in traditional trade.

With the advice to not to go outside of their homes, it seems like eating is becoming the preferable activity, with comfort eating categories growing faster than others.

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