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FMCG Monitor Q2 2018



FMCG Monitor Q2 2018

Kantar Worldpanel is continuously in contact with your consumers on a weekly basis and across the country. Through our FMCG Monitor we provide an integrated overview of the Indonesian FMCG market and its evolution across sectors and highlights of the latest trends.

Some highlights in this issue :

  • Indonesia’s economy growth is on a healthy trajectory.
  • FMCG continues to show positive growth despite the decline in shopping trips, resulting in key pricing and promotion strategies becoming essential to secure the ever discerning consumer’s purchase decision.
  • Buyers are becoming more discerning as specialty stores become more important.
  • Out of Home consmption continues to be on the rise among the Indonesian consumers, as their lifestyle has shifted to a more time limited yet experience seeking motif.

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*Please note that the data published in this report does not include the Household Universe Update, which has been done post this publication. The impact is very minimal and the update will be reflected in the Q3 publication.

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