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옴니채널, Finding growth in reinvented retail



옴니채널, Finding growth in reinvented retail

Webinar – Winning Omnichannel: Finding growth in reinvented retail 

In 2018, 96% of FMCG growth took place outside hyper and supermarkets, e-commerce grew 20%, discounters have been appearing almost everywhere and new hybrid retail formats are becoming more common place around the globe.

Our upcoming publication Winning Omnichannel – Finding growth in reinvented retail explores where to grow and how to win in a context in which global sales grew just 2.1%. This is our most comprehensive Omnichannel study yet, based on data from across 47 countries, representing 83% of GDP providing a unique picture of retail & shopper dynamics across the globe.

Join us for a webinar on July 3rd when our expert Stéphane Roger, Global Retail and Shopper Solution Director, will share with you the main findings that will help your business navigate the new retail environment.


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