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Malaysia Article: Did You Know? Issue 1



Malaysia Article: Did You Know? Issue 1

With inflation as a continuous and rising pressure for all manufacturers in Malaysia, it’s important to understand how shoppers are coping with it and how their purchase behavior changes.

Most importantly is to quantify the impact of each aspect i.e. how much shoppers cut down volume purchase, how much do shoppers opt for cheaper options and cheaper channel etc, so that brand owners can learn how to prioritize and adjust brand strategy accordingly.

With highest ever inflation by P6’22 at 7.7%, Malaysian shoppers have genuinely cut down purchase volume by 10.8% while moving purchase to cheaper options at 2.8% which are the key reasons to pull down FMCG performance in Q2’22 YoY. Different category would have different behavioral change, how does inflation impact your category shoppers? Talk to your client service team or contact us to find out more.



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Cynthia Su
Expert Solutions Director - Kantar, Worldpanel Division Malaysia

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