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Malaysia Article: Did You Know? Issue 2



Malaysia Article: Did You Know? Issue 2

Understanding shoppers’ current and future financial pressure is key in knowing how to react and plan for continuous growth.

With inflation as a Continuous and Rising Pressure for most in Malaysia, shoppers across the income spectrum are facing significant financial pressures. These shoppers are coping dynamically to the changing landscape with implications on; Total expenditure on FMCG Products, Retail Channel Dynamics, Promotional Reactions, Pack Size selection in addition to others.

With inflation levels hitting significant highs in the recent months, those who are under the most financial pressure have cut down their Total FMCG spend by 4.5% in the latest year. This is also true for those who are currently coping, but expect to be under financial pressure in the near future. This group of shoppers have cut down FMCG spend by 4.7% in anticipation for future pressures. 

Due to the complex dynamics of Pressured Shoppers, it’s important to understand where and what they are currently buying and how they have reacted to the inflation from shopper data, to mitigate the threat of category / brand relevancy loss.

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