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Malaysia Brand Footprint 2021



Malaysia Brand Footprint 2021

Kantar today announced Malaysia’s Most Popular FMCG Brands, analyzing based on over 500 brands, and representing 6 million households in Peninsular Malaysia! The awards are divided into 2 categories: Most Chosen Brands and Top Growing Brands in 5 sectors; Food, Beverage, Dairy, Home Care, and Health & Beauty.

This year has been a challenging year for us but it can’t stop us to celebrate success and achievements to all Brand Footprint winners. The long-awaited ranking among FMCG brands, is finally here. Almost a decade our Brand Footprint is more than a ranking, it is the only way and really represents the most popular FMCG brands and the brands’ performance measured by Consumer Reach Points or CRPs. 

Most Chosen Brands in 2020
Maggi - Number 1 in Food Sector with 56 million CRPs 
Milo - Number 1 in Beverage sector with 38 million CRPs
Dutch Lady - Number 1 in Dairy sector with 26 million CRPs
Sunlight - Number 1 in Home Care sector with 10 million CRPs
Colgate - Number 1 in Health & Beauty sector with 15 million CRPs

Top Growing Brands in 2020
Oreo - Number 1 in Food sector reaching 5 million CRPs, growing 47%
Wonda - Number 1 in Beverage reaching 1 million CRPs, growing 60%
Farm Fresh - Number 1 in Dairy sector reaching 9 million CRPs, growing 92%
Febreze - Number 1 in Home Care sector reaching 1 million CRPs, growing 70% 
Garnier - Number 1 in Health & Beauty sector reaching 2 million CRPs, growing 23% 

How FMCG Brands Grew in 2020

  • Brands under Food Sector are enjoying good growth as shoppers are reprioritizing their spend during “Stay at home” economy
  • Bigger brands enjoy faster growth. Plan smart: look at your current brand penetration and set an appropriate target
  • Penetration remains the key in driving the growth for majority of the brands regardless of brand size

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Marketing Manager - Kantar, Worldpanel Division Malaysia & Thailand

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