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Report: Winning Omnichannel Asia 2021 - Module 3



Report: Winning Omnichannel Asia 2021 - Module 3

Module 3 – The Future of Brick and Mortar

In Module 2 of our Retail & Shopper Insights series, we deep dived into the eCommerce development across the region zooming into the key stages of the shopper journey, exploring the next source of frontier for growth and how online can drive incrementality.

In this module 3, we will be looking specifically at brick and mortar stores which have been resilient through the pandemic era to the surprise of key industry experts. This channel still contributes to about 80% value to FMCG. And with mobility restrictions that will continue into 2022, we expect to see the current behaviour of larger trips to keep momentum,but with frequency of shopping will continue to be challenged.

We breakdown the analysis, looking into big format modern trade channels (hypermarkets and supermarkets) and proximity channels (minimarkets, convenience stores and general trade). It is key to understand the difference in missions and categories mix across the different channel types.

Understanding the different roles of categories and having the right mix and assortment (including efficiency of promotions) will become even more crucial, against the changing basket missions due to the continuity of ‘stay at home’ and consumers being cautious. Creating the right shopper experience and engagement is also key to how big format modern trade will continue to evolve and sustain.  

Our key partner experts across both key manufacturers (Nestle, PepsiCo & Reckitt Benckiser) and retailers (Dairy Farm Group & Lazada) continues to provide insight and food for thought into our last and final module for the year on brick and mortar stores.

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