Jo Smith: "Retailers are revisiting promotions in UK"

In the latest issue of Perspectives, we had the opportunity to talk with Jo Smith, Business Development Director UK. In this four minutes interview, she goes over three of the most topical subjects in the UK market place: online shopping, own labels and promotions. Online has been a really important channel for ...

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New game release a godsend for high street retailers

The latest data on the physical entertainment market from Kantar Worldpanel, published today for the 12 weeks to 1 July 2018, shows a return to growth for mint games, supported by the quarter’s biggest release – God of War. The figures also bring positive news for HMV and GAME as both retailers ...

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Adapting to the changing face of America

The route to uncovering new beauty shoppers is through understanding the consumer. Understanding their personal needs and behaviours is the first step to successfully targeting the modern mind-set of Americans. Revisiting beauty norms The Hispanic American and African American population is set to grow significantly by 2060 (+115% and +63% respectively*), meaning the ...

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New report - Latin cooking: from love to hate

We believe that only if you understand how your product is used, you will truly understand how to market to consumers. Understanding how, when, by whom and why products are used gives you even deeper insights into the nature of products and the opportunities and threats that they face. This publication ...

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Cecilia Alva: Seniors choose premium and spend more

Consumers over 50 years old are key for the FMCG industry in Latin America. We talk about that with Cecilia Alva, Clients & New Business Director in Latam. In our latest conversation, the expert explains to us the growing importance of seniors for this market, what they like to buy and ...

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Vietnam: Reaching your target shoppers more efficiently

By the end of 2018, it is forecasted that there will be around 68 trillion VND spent on media advertising by companies in Vietnam (1) – that is almost $3 billion USD. Knowing this, it is very easy to appreciate why advertisers, media agencies and media owners continue to work tirelessly ...

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Big retail formats in Vietnam: a growth opportunity?

Together with the strong local demand, the economic growth of Vietnam makes the country more promising every time for foreign investors. However, the noticeable differences in the retail landscape between rural and urban areas make it hard of a choice for investors to decide for one channel. The latest data from ...

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Spotlight Indonesia: route to win in disruptive times

There are a number of paths a brand can take as well as major forces a brand needs to drive in order to gain new category buyers. While there is an opportunity to capitalise on the optimism amongst the consumers and their spending, FMCG players must push harder to stand out ...

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