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Latin Americans spend 8% of their time cooking

Latin Americans spend 8% of their time cooking

We believe that only if you understand how your product is used, you will truly understand how to market to consumers. Understanding how, when, by whom and why products are used gives you even deeper insights into the nature of products and the opportunities and threats that they face. This publication “Latin cooking” on how people cook and eat reveals 6 truths, relevant to all marketers in the food and beverage business in Latam:

  1. Home cooked meals are at the centre of life
  2. Women are in charge of the kitchen
  3. Cooking is love, but some people hate it
  4. Kids have a say in the menu
  5. Convenience is important – but so is tradition
  6. Health has a high impact on food choices

Latin Americans spend 8% of their time – at least two hours every day – cooking meals for themselves and their families. 

They are proud of the meals they cook – 63% find cooking is a source of pride – and they feel they are showing love to their families by spending time preparing food for them. Only one in 10 households order takeout – this is more usual in households with working mothers. 

82% told us that they cook at home every day, and enjoy doing so. However, 18% see cooking as a task that they do not find at all enjoyable. In 93% of Latin American households it is the woman who is responsible for preparing meals. Men cook in 13% of the region’s households while the daughters and sons play an active part in cooking in 15% of families. 

Latin American mums like to keep their children happy by cooking the food they love: 36% make the meals their children ask them to make. 

10% of people cook meals that are tailored for a special diet – such as gluten free, low salt or diabetic diets.

We invite you to read more in this free publication by clicking the link on the right. Our experts will be delighted to introduce you our Food Usage solution, don´t hesitate to get in contact with us to learn more.

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