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Grow your brand through successful innovation

Successful innovation must deliver long-term incremental growth. Sales figures alone are not enough for evaluating innovation performance, since these can’t explain the dynamics behind the figures. How many sales of the new product are driven by new shoppers? How many of them come from competitors’ shoppers? How many of them come from cannibalisation of your own portfolio?

Kantar's expertise has helped many brands worldwide to launch successful products and maximise their innovation return-on-investment.

Our work begins long before your product launches, when we provide you with insights into how consumers buy and use your products. This deep understanding of consumer behaviour will help you spot emerging trends and patterns which, if exploited promptly, will become key innovation opportunities.

Once your product launches, we’ll compare the product’s performance data to our “success benchmarks” across multiple categories and markets, allowing you to:

  • Better predict your launch’s performance
  • Make informed decisions to maximise adoption
  • Negotiate better shelf positions with retailers

You’ll also be able to calculate the return-on-investment and incremental sales, helping you to prove your product’s success and define future innovation and marketing plans.

Creating a product is one thing –growing your brand through continuous innovation is another. If launching successful products is important to you, talk to Kantar.

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Piradej Boonyavanit
Analytics Lead - Kantar, Worldpanel Division Thailand