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Thailand Webinar: The Future Doses for FMCG in 2022



Thailand Webinar: The Future Doses for FMCG in 2022

FMCG Outlook Thailand 2022

We all have experienced a very different year in 2020 and 2021. With the pandemic, shoppers are forced to change the way how they work, socialised, and shop for groceries. Shoppers have adapted and changed some behavior permanently already. Some behavior will definitely be transformed sooner or later. We are in the middle of changes and anticipate the future.

As for manufacturer and retailers, many have re-adjust the plans and strategies along with the change in consumer behaviors. Some are kept in the dark not knowing how different the grocery market between 1st year and 2nd year of covid is. Would you be still doing the same marketing campaign as 1st year and 2nd year of Covid to grow your brand? Do you think your shoppers still have the same priorities when it comes to product selection and store choice in the future?

Through this webinar, we will discuss: 
• Key Movement in Take-home FMCG Industry
• Finding Growth Pocket in the Amidst of Next Normal in Shoppers
• Winning the Transformation of Channel Landscape
• 2022 Preparation and Outlook

We believe this will give you a picture of the current market and key directions to focus on 2022 onwards.


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Kanpapak Lueksuengsukoom
New Business Development Director - Kantar, Worldpanel Division Thailand


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