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Report: 2023 Thailand Beauty Trends



Report: 2023 Thailand Beauty Trends

The new face of beauty in Thailand: Looking ahead to 2023

Thailand’s beauty sector is bouncing back vigorously following the pandemic, bringing enticing opportunities for brands and manufacturers. Facial beauty, in particular, is making a strong comeback. However, consumers’ experiences during COVID-19 have driven a major change in their expectations and priorities. 

Kantar Worldpanel’s new report – 2023 Thailand Beauty Trends - The new face of beauty in Thailand: Looking ahead to 2023 – has been created to help beauty players understand the impact of this evolution, and how they can meet people’s desire for affordability, efficacy, availability and all-round health. 

In its pages, we look at Thailand’s beauty market in 2023, exploring: 

  • The ways in which consumers’ lifestyles and needs have changed
  • How the meaning of ‘beauty’ has evolved
  • The importance of helping people nurture themselves
  • The benefits beauty buyers demand from the products they purchase
  • The winning strategies that will unlock growth
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Suchada Manasilapaphan
Beauty Sector Director - Kantar, Worldpanel Division Thailand

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