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Report: Thailand Brand Footprint 2023



Report: Thailand Brand Footprint 2023

Introducing the new Brand Footprint Thailand 2023 report, your comprehensive guide to understanding the top FMCG brands in Thailand.

In 2022, a staggering 48% of households indicated that their financial situation had worsened compared to the previous year. In light of this, our report highlights the brands that have successfully earned more consumer choices during these difficult times. Resilient brands are those that thrive not only in favorable conditions but also when faced with challenges.

Amongst the 425 brands with a penetration rate of 1% or higher, only 160 brands, or 38%, recorded a higher Consumer Reach Points (CRPs) compared to the previous year. Of these 160 brands, 73% experienced an increase in consumer choices due to higher penetration. The trend of gaining more consumer choices by expanding penetration has been consistently observed over the past two decades in both Thailand and globally.

The Most Chosen Brands list featured in this year's report showcases the brands that have successfully gained more consumer choices. To triumph during this challenging time, factors such as value for money, availability, and innovation have become even more crucial. Additionally, selected brand stories delve into key success factors that will remain relevant in 2023 and beyond.

Explore the strategies employed by these successful brands, unraveling their secrets to thriving in a demanding market.


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Chivanon Piyaphitakskul
Senior Marketing Manager - Kantar, Worldpanel Division Thailand & Malaysia

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