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18Q3 Taiwan FMCG Monitor



The growth of FMCG is contributed by food category, and the non food is stagnant


  • Healthy and convenient trend continues in Taiwan, sugar free yogurt and fresh milk perform well.
  • Not only breakfast cereal has more players in the market, like Calbee and Quaker, there are 263 new products in snack category this year. Besides lay’s, local manufactures like Kuai Kuai(乖乖)、Cadina(卡迪那) and Koloko(可樂果) also launch numerous new products/flavors to attract consumers’ attention.
  • Ground coffee can show personal taste and life style. Despite the takeaway coffee shows significant growth in Taiwan, consumers didn’t cut down their spending on ground coffee.
  • Non-food has not showed recovery, the performance is sluggish.
  • Beauty is what consumers pursue in Taiwan, hair dye and perfume outperform than other non-food categories.
  • Household cleaning and personal care remain stagnant, basic function (cheaper) performs better in toothpaste and toothbrush is not growing due to stock up.
  • Laundry detergent is in premiumization trend, consumers are willing to buy high tier products. Manufactures should capture the opportunity.
  • EC and hyper outperform in food and non food category. The growth engine of hyper is from food, and EC is mainly from non food. EC surpasses supermarket and become the second channel in non food category. From our observation, EC could be a leading channel in non food category in the near future.
  • Supermarket faced sever challenge, especially food was used to be their growing engine. If they kept losing momentum in food, they will eventually lost share in the market.

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