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Mobile Trends that Matter Tomorrow

Kantar Worldpanel ComTech presents a new insight report at the Mobile World Congress 2014

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Men Revolution Asia 2013

The largest and deepest study about male grooming habits and purchase pattern in Asia region.



An exclusive journey to capture the current trends of consumption behaviors within the FMCG market.

  • FMCG Monitor January 2014

    FMCG Monitor January 2014

    Thanks to Tet's peak season, FMCG enjoys high growth during the 12 weeks up to January 26 2014.

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  • Kantar Worldpanel expands into Africa

    Kantar Worldpanel expands into Africa

    Strategic alliance with TNS RMS sees Kantar Worldpanel continue to extend its global position.

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  • Mobile Trends that Matter Tomorrow

    Mobile Trends that Matter Tomorrow

    Kantar Worldpanel publishes an insight report to review the key trends that will shape the future mobile landscape.

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  • FMCG Monitor December 2013

    FMCG Monitor December 2013

    It is a tough ride to gain 2-digit growth in Urban while Rural is stepping up firmly for a recovery.

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  • FMCG Monitor November 2013

    FMCG Monitor November 2013

    Though consumption picks up slightly in recent months, FMCG market is struggling hard to sustain growth in November.

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  • Asian men care about appearances not for women

    Asian men care about appearances not for women

    It’s anyone’s guess as why a man takes care of his appearance. Our survey on Asian men has found: it's not about women.

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In the media

  • 01/03/2014 - Brand e-biz

    Grooming Chinese men

    China has seen the rapid emergence of male grooming brands in recent years with both international and local manufacturers making their masculine plays. And with four in five of Chinese males – in Tier1/2 cities – saying they are very conscious about their appearance it suggests that there is a need for these products.

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  • 27/02/2014 - International Business Times

    Chinese Males Adopting 'Metrosexual' Lifestyle Boost China's Cosmetics Industry

    In China, women have been known to go to great lengths to achieve the society’s standards of beauty, whether it means shelling out money for beauty products or going under the knife to reshape the nose or eyelids. For a long time, men were never a large part of the cosmetics market share, but that seems to be changing.

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  • 25/02/2014 - Campaign Asia

    Asia's male grooming sector growing faster than entire beauty category

    Kantar bases its findings on interviews with 5,300 male consumers across China, Korea, Vietnam, Taiwan, the Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia and Thailand.

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  • 26/01/2014 - BizLIVE

    Quà tặng phổ biến nhất trong dịp Tết là ǵ?

    Theo nghiên cứu thị trường mới công bố của Kantar Worldpanel, có đến 35% hộ gia đ́nh ở thành thị được tặng quà là bia, bánh trong dịp Tết 2013.

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  • 24/12/2013 - Thanh Niên

    Thị trường FMCG tăng trưởng chật vật

    Thị trường hàng tiêu dùng nhanh ở thành thị lẫn nông thôn đều chật vật để trụ vững tăng trưởng trong tháng 11.

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  • 24/12/2013 - Nhịp Cầu Đầu Tư

    Việt Nam: phân khúc sản phẩm dành cho nam giới tăng trưởng mạnh

    “Năm 2013, phân khúc sản phẩm dành riêng cho nam giới đang tăng trưởng nhanh ở mức 29% so với cùng kỳ năm ngoái và sẽ tiếp tục phát triển trong những năm tới khi nam giới nhận thức rơ hơn tầm quan trọng của việc chăm sóc bản thân”, ông David Anjoubault, Tổng Giám đốc Kantar Worldpanel, nhận xét trong báo cáo tháng 11 năm nay về thị trường FMCG khu vực châu Á.

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