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How can we cater to the new needs of shoppers in Egypt?



How can we cater to the new needs of shoppers in Egypt?

The key constant in the midst of huge behavioural change amongst Egyptian shoppers is prioritisation. The big change was that people shopped less often, with as much bulk buying as possible, across fewer categories.

Brands are competing vigorously to stay in shoppers’ baskets. In this competitive landscape, it is essential for brands to know their buyers, their needs and the key reasons they are dropping certain categories and brands.

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What were the key changes in shopping behaviour?

Non-Ramadan months clearly indicate a challenge in driving footfall. People shopped less often and spent less per trip in non-Ramadan months. There was also a drop in the number of categories in the Ramadan 2021 basket compared to the year before. Brands therefore need to work hard to increase purchases during these times, but this is challenging when there has been a gradual but consistent decline in the number of trade channels visited since January 2020.

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Based on the 37 FMCG categories we currently track in Egypt

RAMADAN 2019: May – June

RAMADAN 2020-21: April - May

Channel behaviour change over time

The average number of touchpoints are on a continuous declining trend. This is a key worry for the FMCG industry overall.

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What were people buying?

Data from our consumer panels in Egypt shows that the Canned Food and Household Cleaners categories grew the most, while Personal Care lost traction during the pandemic.

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Fewer shopping trips means fewer touchpoints between manufacturers and retailers and shoppers. Successful brands must be present at the right place at the right time. Those that successfully position themselves as a “need to have” rather than a “nice to have” will avoid dropping out of shoppers shrinking baskets. And brands that use their products, packaging or promotions to differentiate themselves – rather than simply price – will ensure they stand out from the crowd.

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