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Our NPD insight got Echo Falls into high spirits - we uncovered a £2.2m opportunity in flavoured vodka


Accolade Wines wanted to explore opportunities for Echo Falls outside of the wine category to help them attract a new segment of consumer spend.  To understand the target consumer we used their sub brand ‘Fruit Fusion’ as a case study to explore how it successfully recruited new shoppers and the kind of occasions it was consumed at.  To identify a suitable NPD, we analysed Echo Falls shoppers to understand what other alcohol they bought.  We found that their consumers bought vodka 10 times a year, spending around £150, exposing a clear desire for a vodka product in their portfolio.

Accolade Wines used our recommendation to begin the NPD process and developed a flavoured vodka which they launched in 2017.  Their development team thanked us for helping them to propel Echo Falls beyond the wine aisle and uncover a new area of growth and profit opportunity. The launch is currently worth £2.2m*.


Source Kantar Worldpanel - £2.2m refers to the 52we 12th Aug 18 sales value. 

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