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Facebook and TV work together for greater returns



 Facebook and TV work together for greater returns

Our client Facebook has been working to help bring greater clarity to the advertising industry about what cross-over reach advertisers have seen between TV and Facebook, and how much incremental reach might be expected.

This is reflected in our latest piece of work with Facebook, in which we enhanced our media exposure information from our 30,000 UK grocery panel with their advertising exposure data. We were commissioned to anaylse 13 video FMCG campaigns, and then undertake a meta-analysis to help Facebook understand the synergistic effect between TV and Facebook campaigns in the UK.

We first looked at the return on ad spend (ROAS) of each campaign individually. By understanding ROAS and reach by channel, we were able to model likelihood to purchase. The model showed that, based on the figures from TV only exposure and Facebook only exposure, the expected uplift in likelihood to purchase when exposed to ads on both channels was 22%, but our model showed the figure was actually 29%, a 1.3X increase on what was expected.

For more information, visit the Facebook Business page, or contact Kiri Mitchell.

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