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Top 10 personal care launches of the past year



No7 Laboratories is the top-selling new product line of the past year.

No7 Laboratories is the top-selling new product line of the past year.

When it comes to innovation in personal care - size doesn't matter. Or it isn't the only thing that matters. It's also crucial to understand the value of a new range in terms of incremental growth for the brand and the category as a whole. 

Our list of the top personal care launches of the past year does just that; assessing both the sales value of new products launched, and ranking them in terms of incrementality to the manufacturer and category.

This finds that No7 Laboratories, with sales of £26.5 million in 2018, is the biggest launch of last year in value terms. But in fact, it's the much smaller Nivea Miscellair (sales £2.8 million) which generated the most incremental sales for the master brand*. Listerine Nightly Reset (sales £2.8 million) was the launch which was most beneficial to its category as a whole.

Commenting on the ranking Fiona Keenan, Strategic Insight Director, Health and Beautysaid: "Brands are having to work harder than ever to find growth in health and beauty. With consumers' increased desire for experience and sustainability changing how we shop, innovation is key. A point of difference will give shoppers a reason to trade up for a premium product, and retailers a reason to make space on shelf." 

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*No7 Laboratories was not included in the incrementality analysis because of small sample size.

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