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Where next for own label snacking?



Where next for own label snacking?

Fraser McKevitt presented to the Snackex conference in Vienna on 21 June 2016, and described the dynamics of own label marketing for snack brands in Europe, with particular reference to the UK.

Own label has become even more important for retailers as key lever to keep hold of shoppers. Firstly, retailers want to offer cheap options on their shelves and secondly to provide a point of difference with competitors.

In order to increase market share, own label lines are looking and acting more like brands in their own right. To do this they must understand both shoppers and especially consumers. Own label lines need to help shoppers in their quest to be healthier and happier, and provide ways for their snacking to be even more convenient.

The continued rise of premium retailer brands demonstrates that being cheap is not the only option for own label. Quality and innovation are something the very best own labels should be striving for.

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