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Changing consumer choices in a promising 2020



It’s every brand’s desire to be chosen and, as consumer choices are changing very rapidly, this is becoming more complex.

Globally 2019 was a challenging year for FMCG, with political uncertainty in Latin America and Spain, Brexit in the UK, and an increasing concern about the planet in many markets. Our goal for 2020 is to help brands understand their consumers even better, which in this environment is essential if they are to keep growing their businesses.

Our experts forecast new retailer innovations in the UK that will blur the eating out, takeaway, convenience and pure online channels. In Asia, e-commerce will keep growing very fast, but bricks and mortar does still have room to grow. Latam’s FMCG growth will be linked to offering simpler and healthier options.  In Spain and France, products combining health and pleasure will continue growing fastest. A rising trend for India in 2020 will be premiumisation.

Globally, consumers will continue expecting brands and manufacturers to innovate in sustainability and environmental impact.  Partnerships will be particularly important with regard to technology.

Hear from our experts on the trends that brands should be aware of to make 2020 a promising year for changing consumer choices.

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