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China’s beauty market is seeing rapid growth



Skin care and makeup categories grow rapidly in China

Skin care and makeup categories grow rapidly in China

The latest Beauty Market Trend Report shows that China’s beauty market is seeing rapid growth, with the skin care and makeup market value increasing by 17% and 30% respectively in 2017, much faster than the 4.3% reported for total FMCG. 

Kantar Worldpanel has also released the 2018 Beauty Brand Footprint Ranking, which measures which beauty brands are being bought by most consumers the most often. This ranking identifies the most chosen beauty brands in China in the last year, as well as those which have posted the fastest growth rates.

The Beauty Brand Footprint Ranking reflects the beauty market reality through real purchases by real consumers in China. By identifying those outstanding brands, it provides marketers and brands a clear view on consumers’ choices and how they can tap into this growing market.


1.  Most Chosen Brands

Pechoin remains the top skin care brand for two consecutive years. It is also the only beauty brand in China with over 100 million consumer purchase occasions. Maybelline is number one in the makeup category. The makeup market in China has become much more global over the last few years, with a good mix of both foreign and Chinese players posting impressive gains.


2018 China Beauty Brand Footprint Top 10 Brand in Skin Care and Makeup



2.  Fast-growing Brands

Kantar Worldpanel’s latest ranking indicates that established brands like L’Oreal Paris and Pechoin are still managing to attract incremental consumers to the brands. Smaller players such as One Leaf, Chando and Papa Recipe, have done a good job finding new shoppers in the facial mask category, all reporting robust growth in the past year.

Luxury western brands occupy the fast-growing makeup brand list, riding on the wave of growth within the lipstick category. At the same time, the Thai brand Mistine sees its popularity grow through e-commerce and overseas purchases, and Marie Dalgar continued to attract young consumers through its product innovation and engaging cross-over marketing in the ‘new retail’ environment.


2018 China Beauty Brand Footprint Top 5 Fast-growing Brand in Skin Care and Makeup



To compete in this fast-growing China beauty market, brands can take different routes to growth. Here are four tips to grow in this competitive market:

  • Go natural: capture growth opportunities by communicating natural and safe ingredients to satisfy consumers’ increasing pursuit for safety and protection. 
  • Address young consumers: engage young consumers (15-29 years old) by enhancing your product image and investing in the right celebrity KOL (Key Opinion Leader).
  • Personalize it: consumers are increasingly looking for products for themselves that create a sense of individuality. Therefore unique product design as well as a personalized connection are crucial components for success. 
  • Invest in Omni-Channel strategies: integrating online and offline consumer experience is essential in today’s ‘new retail’ in order to accelerate brand growth.

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