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‘OmniMedia’ consumers: how to connect with them



Using consumer behaviour to target your media investment.

Using consumer behaviour to target your media investment.

No one would argue that the internet has not delivered significant change to our lives in a very short amount of time. Just think how our day-to-day activities, like travelling or listening to music, looked 10 years ago and how they look today.

The world of advertising is no different. As GoupM predicts, one third of the media investment in 2017 will go to digital, and most of this spend goes on platforms that didn’t exist 15 years ago. What’s more, the trend is growing: GroupM also predicts that in 2017 digital will take 77 cents of every new advertising dollar, compared to 17 cents for TV.

This duality of digital vs non digital only makes media investment decisions harder to make, in a world where having a voice that’s listened was already hard to achieve. So how do we find success? Our first recommendation is that one does not fit all. Just as when you’re heading off on holiday you combine Uber + train, Airbnb + Hotel, consumers are exposed to multiple different platforms and move between them seamlessly. We combine ‘old’ with ‘new’ without thinking. The world of entertainment is no different. In Mexico, for example, our data shows that an average household is exposed to 31 different vehicles, an increase of almost 10 compared to 2015.

It could be argued that targeting has made advertising easier, it offers simplistic view of reality. For instance, young people favour digital while TV appeals to older audiences. Unfortunately, reality is much more complex. TV still reaches every household, but the rise of pay-tv has meant the number of channels is growing by the hour. And looking at the digital world in Brazil, we see that 70% of independent households of people aged +50 years old surf the web on a daily basis; half of them use social networks and most of them (71%) browse the web from their smartphones.

This is why we refer to the ‘OmniMedia’ consumer who combines different platforms throughout the day. This means there’s no single ‘right’ answer for advertisers.

How can we know where exactly to be to make sure our shoppers ‘see’ us? If you are still analysing predefined demographic targets, why not shift and analyse groups of consumers by their behaviour instead. For example; Do my heavy buyers have pay-tv and what’s their favourite channel? What’s the most popular social network among those who buy my brand in more than one category? Do my leaky buyers watch TV during the morning and what type of programmes are they watching?

Let’s see how the answers to these questions change when comparing two sets of different buyers, using our Media Profiler.

Premium Brand buyers vs Value Brand buyers in Mexico


Heavy buyers vs Light buyers in Brazil

Media investment has proved to be a key driver of brand growth. However, it’s usually one of the first things companies cut in difficult times. In order to invest our resources wisely we need to know exactly where to reach our most valuable consumers and combine vehicles in the right way. 

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