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Out now: Vietnam's FMCG Insight Handbook 2020



Out now: Vietnam's FMCG Insight Handbook 2020

Today, emerging Asian countries are growing up to three times faster than developed countries and Vietnam is truly one of the great success stories for Asia. With more political stability and a fast-growing middle class, it remains an attractive business environment.

Along with the continued economic development and the advancement of new technology, changes continue to happen at a faster rate, bringing both new challenges and new opportunities to the growth in 2020 and beyond.

In Vietnam, traditional trade remains dominant in the fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) sector, accounting for the greatest proportion of spending but more recently, we have seen the emergence of new types of modern trade competitors in the retail landscape, under new formats that didn’t exist as strongly or at all, five years ago: such as ministores stores, specialised stores, and online shopping.


Interestingly, these three retail formats outstrip the more established channels in driving value spend growth in the past twelve months and in fact 66% of the incremental value spend on the FMCG market comes from these three stores, not the more established channels. Vietnamese shoppers are expanding the number of different channels they visit, when shopping for grocery. On average, an urban shopper now purchases FMCG in about seven different channels, hence, understanding the role that each type of channels plays in each shopping mission for your category or brand becomes more important for winning the game in the long term.

In such a context, finding out the real factors which influence consumer’s attitude and purchase behaviour are priorities more than ever, and successful brands and retailers will be the ones who dig deeper and truly understand how their consumers and shoppers are changing. What is changing? How the new competitors are growing? What is driving this trend? Key themes and more, will be explored further in the fifth edition of our annual Vietnam Insight Handbook.

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