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Decisions based on what consumers really do

A successful brand strategy starts with an accurate knowledge of consumers and their habits. We track more than 450,000 consumers worldwide who provide us with invaluable information on their household’s shopping decisions.

Rather than rely on memory to recall their purchases, these are recorded in detail as part of their routine: every purchase, in every store, at any time, and on a continuous basis. We use this wealth of information to deliver insights on what consumers really do - which often times is quite different than what they say they do.
Thanks to this continuous information stream, you can put purchase and usage behaviour at the heart of your decision-making process and use it to:

• Broaden your shopper base
• Increase consumer loyalty
• Maximize point-of-sale effectiveness
• Anticipate trends before your competition
• Transform threats into opportunities
• Improve your performance via scorecards
• And much, much more!

If you’d like to grow your brand by making decisions based on what consumers really do, contact Kantar.

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Corina Fajriyani
New Business Development Director