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10 Slides to Make You Think COVID-19 - ASIA 2020



10 Slides to Make You Think COVID-19 - ASIA 2020

We are pleased to share with you the next set of 10 slides for Asia. We trust you find these slides not only informative but equally thought provoking. More importantly, we hope these slides will help sharpen and refine your actions in markets as well.

In the attached, we will be look at:

  • Total Asia (and by market) how would 2021 FMCG look like.
  • Thailand has experienced an all-time high in FMCG value and growth (in the past 5 years) and this has been partly driven by the government subsidies in aiding local SMEs. This in turn has shifted the tide of the balance of Modern Trade vs Traditional trade as well.
  • Growth between local, regional and multinational FMCG players vary by market – as you would see across Taiwan and Malaysia. Hence, the importance to delve deeper by market and set the right benchmarks and spot the right trends/need states.
  • How functional beverages (loaded with vitamins) are fast growing in a market like Thailand as well.
  • Plus, a deeper emphasis on the Indonesian market on:
    • Fast growing categories.
    • How proximity stores have now grown 4X faster and ahead of business as usual (BAU).
    • A quick read on the differences between the affluent vs lower income shoppers in market.
    • And gifting – how it has changed in 2020.

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