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Brand Footprint ASIA

Our new Asia Brand Footprint publication unveiling the ranking of the region’s most chosen FMCG brands is now available!

Kantar’s annual Asia Brand Footprint reveals how consumers around the region are buying FMCG brands today, highlighting the opportunities that remain for brands to improve their position. Based on billions of real shopping decisions across 23,500 brands in 54 markets – representing 73% of the global population and 89% of gross domestic product (GDP), this is your essential guide to brand growth.

This year’s edition is, once again, an excellent guide for brands’ growth. According to the Asia Brand Footprint rankings published today, shopper behaviour has been shaken up by lockdowns and new consumer concerns around health and the environment with a significant impact on the fortunes of FMCG brands across Asia. The 2021 Asia Brand Footprint interactive publication includes:

  • Overview of how FMCG brands grew in 2020 across Asia
  • The rankings of the Most Chosen Brands and the Fastest Growing Brands
  • Local brands success stories and the reasons for their success

We invite you to dip into the Asia Brand Footprint to explore the insights and rankings from this year’s publication.

Also available:

Microsite with our interactive data tool for exploring global, regional and sector rankings.

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