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Brand Footprint Indonesia 2021



Brand Footprint Indonesia 2021

Most Chosen FMCG Brands by Indonesia Consumers

  • The big themes that appear among FMCG brands are health, hygiene, and accessibility.
  • The food sector dominates the top brands list and the fastest growing brands list in 2020.
  • The extra-protection trend in terms of health and hygiene was an important focus among brands in personal care and home care sector.

Brand Footprint is the annual study from Kantar that measures the brand choice made by the Indonesian consumer. Brand Footprint covers five FMCG sectors, including food, beverage, dairy, home care, and personal care. Brand Footprint’s rank this year represents 97% of Indonesia’s 68 million households both in urban and rural area.

Brands are ranked based on Consumer Reach Point (CRP). CRP is a matrix that combines the number of households buying any particular brand (penetration) and number of times the brand is being purchased (consumer choice). In order to increase your CRP amidst this uncertain time, your brand needs to be adaptive to your consumers from multiple aspects: preference in the use and benefit of a product, availability across relevant channels, the right price point and the pack size, expansion to other categories, and other factors that can influence the consumers’ decision to purchase your brand.

Key findings from the Brand Footprint 2021:

  • The top five most chosen FMCG categories, namely instant noodle, biscuits, instant coffee, detergent, and seasoning have a special bond with consumers in Indonesia with at least 95% penetration for each category. This means that 95 out of 100 households in Indonesia have purchased the category.
  • The food sector in 2020 dominated the top 10 most chosen brand rank and also among the top 10 fastest growing brand rank. This condition is influenced by the pandemic situation that makes people do their activities at home, including eating and cooking at home.
  • Indomie remains the 1st choice of consumers in Indonesia and takes the 7th place in Global Brand Footprint 2021. Indomie is the top-most chosen among household as staple food with seasoned taste that is suitable with everyone’s palate be it in Indonesia and overseas.
  • Seasoning products like Sasa, Masako, Royco, and Bango became the top selection for Indonesia’s consumer through the year 2020 as the aid to the cooking activities at home which becoming more popular during the stay-at-home period.
  • As the pandemic occured in 2020, people’s preference in home care and personal care sector showed a positive trend in products that offer extra protection from health and hygiene point of view.
  • Ekonomi is one of the fastest growing brand in the top 20 rank. Ekonomi offers extra protection for the family in terms of  hygiene and affordable value.
  • Playing in several categories is also one of the key factors for brands to have a strong presence and consumer base. Brands like Lifebuoy (8th place), Frisian Flag (9th place), and Indofood (12th place) secured their position in the top 20 rank by being available in several categories in their respective sectors.

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