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Brand Footprint Indonesia 2023



Brand Footprint Indonesia 2023

Brand Footprint Indonesia in 2023 reveals a landscape characterized by resilience and growth despite the challenges posed by continuous inflation. This year's report showcases the remarkable performance of FMCG brands in adapting to changing consumer behavior and offers valuable insights into their strategies for success. From expanding shopper bases to impactful innovations, these brands have defied inflationary pressures and emerged as frontrunners in Indonesia's competitive market.

Despite the economic hurdles, numerous FMCG brands showcased impressive resilience in expanding their shopper base. The Most Chosen Brands lineup for 2023 includes brands that have not only weathered the storm but also experienced substantial growth. By swiftly adapting to changing market dynamics and implementing impactful innovations, these brands have captured the attention and loyalty of Indonesian shoppers.

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Two of successful brand story this year:

  • Cimory

Cimory has grown to become a brand chosen by over 40% of households in Indonesia. One of the factors contributing to Cimory's success is the availability of its products across various shopping channels. Additionally, the innovative flavors and unique formats of its yogurt products add value for consumers when choosing the Cimory brand. The expansion from liquid milk to the yogurt category has significantly impacted the number of buyers. This year, Cimory successfully made it into the top 100 FMCG brands with an additional 6.7 million households as new buyers in 2022.

  • Ultra Milk

Ultra Milk has been present for over 50 years and continues to be among the top consumer choice in Indonesia. Its presence has grown stronger by increasing its buyer base and continually recruiting new buyers. According to Brand Footprint 2023, Ultra Milk has received the "Most Chosen Liquid Dairy Brand" award by increasing the number of buyers by 2.2 million households. One of Ultra Milk's success factors in recruiting buyers is the brand's ability to increase the number of buyers across various age groups through its main variants, including full cream, chocolate, and strawberry.

Read the complete report for more insights and get in touch with us for more learnings about brands in Indonesia.

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